Accessories for SmartTable OTS

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Newport Corporation has announced new accessories for its SmartTable OTS optical table system. Accessories include additional shelving options and support rails to improve the safety, ergonomics, and space efficiency of the company's SmartTable OTS system. For added convenience, all of these new accessories are designed to attach directly to the SmartTable OTS frame to improve overall system mobility.

The new shelving products improve lab space utilisation, organisation, and safety. They provide an efficient and economical option that expands storage space and allows researchers to remove non-essential items from their table. This increases useable work surface space and prevents potential noise sources, such as cooling fans, from disturbing sensitive experiments. Another useful accessory, the 'hip bar', allows users to lean into their experiment to adjust table components without causing excessive motion to the entire table, functioning as a bumper guard for the vibration-isolated table.