Activation Line 300

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The Activation Line 300 has been announced by Lissotschenko Mikrooptik, specifically designed for fast and targeted heating and cooling of micrometre-thin surfaces. With its high electro-optic energy efficiency of over 40 per cent it is the most powerful L3 Limo line laser and produces a continuous wave output of over 13kW with a homogeneous line focus 300mm long. It can heat functional layers with thicknesses of over 0.1µm to more than 100µm in a few milliseconds with an intensity of 40kW/cm².

Thanks to the targeted irradiation using the laser line profile, the user can uniformly temper large surface areas. The Activation Line 300 enables customised annealing, crystallisation and sintering processes with fully closed surfaces. Precision tempering of coatings on glass, metal, ceramics, films and even on paper is also possible.