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Pacer International is now providing PerkinElmer's new AcuLED VHL high power LEDs. They offer high brightness output with a luminous flux of up to 325 lumens with a high luminous efficiency. The improved platform is compact, easy-to-assemble and provides a long lifetime.

The LEDs are available in monochromatic (UV, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, IR), and also RGBY versions with a higher colour rendering index than the basic RGGB combination. The new devices also provide improved thermal management, with thermal resistance as low as 4.5 K/W, depending on the chip configuration.

The products are based on PerkinElmer Elcos' multi chip-on-board (COB) technology. Each chip features a separate anode and cathode, allowing each chips to be driven individually to increase flexibility around electrical layout. For higher volume applications, there is a customisable version to allow users to design their own four-chip LED configuration.