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Pacer Components has introduced the OVTL09LGA LEDNIUM series of high-luminance, 10W LED sources. The series was developed by Optek for numerous applications in the automotive interior and exterior lighting, architectural lighting and signage markets.

The LEDNIUM series is available in white, blue, green, amber, red and RGB versions and have an exceptional special uniformity and a long operating life. Using the highest quality LED chips, the reliability of the series is measured by luminance maintenance over time and typically peaks at 70 per cent after 50,000 hours of operation. The LEDs offer exceptional flexibility with the option of energising three, six or nine LED chips for differing levels of brightness. There is also a range of optics available to suit specific applications.

Housed in a three-dimensional surface mount package, the multi-chip LEDs have a luminance up to 340 lumens. Some of the many other design benefits of the packages include robust energy efficient design and low thermal resistance (junction to board (TJB) of 5°C/W). The LEDNIUM devices have a maximum continuous rated DC forward current of 1.05A, and a peak pulsed forward current of 3A energised for 1ms max on a duty cycle of 1:16. Maximum reverse voltage Vr is rated as 15V. Incorporating a water-clear lens and with a viewing angle of 120º across the range, the luminous flux ratings are: white (250lm), blue (60lm), red (247lm), green (290lm) and amber (330lm), with a typical on-axis intensity of white (70cd), blue (19cd), red (75cd), green (100cd) and amber (67cd).Typical dominant wavelengths are blue (467nm), red (624nm), green (524nm) and 595nm for the amber LED, with a spectral FWHM (full width, half maximum) of 24nm, 18nm, 40nm and 16nm for the blue, red, green and amber respectively.

With an operating temperature of -50ºC to 80ºC, these devices are ideally suited to indoor and outdoor applications, including cold-climate industrial applications. The surface-mount devices are packaged in a lead-free 3D square package of 33mm side length, with 11mm long pins and are supplied in trays of 24 for loading into automatic placement equipment. Part numbering uses the series designation OVTL09LGAx where x is appended to indicate colour required, that is W for White, B for Blue, R for Red, G for Green and A for Amber.