Aerotech announces Robert Novotnak as president

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Robert Novotnak as Aerotech President

Robert Novotnak 

New president to guide company through expansion and new era of growth 

PITTSBURGH, February 25, 2021 – Aerotech Inc., a world leader in precision motion  control and automation systems, announced that Dr. Robert Novotnak, who holds a  doctoral degree in electrical engineering, has been appointed as the company’s president.  Novotnak, previously chief business officer for Aerotech, will assume all day-to-day  responsibilities of managing the company operations in his new role. CEO Mark Botos  will focus on Aerotech’s strategic initiatives. 

“As Aerotech continues to expand its businesses, we need new leaders capable of executing  the company’s growth plans and technological roadmaps,” said Botos. “Bob’s technical  expertise, deep customer knowledge and long history of success within the organization make  him the perfect fit to realize our long-term vision for the company.”  

“This is an exciting time in the 50-year history of Aerotech with our soon to be completed  second manufacturing facility, significant new product launches and market development  opportunities. We have been busy expanding and strengthening our executive leadership team  to maximize the return from these investments. Bob is a key appointment in realizing the  company’s leadership strategy for the future.”  

Prior to his appointment as president, Novotnak was responsible for the company’s worldwide  sales and engineering activities. He began his career with Aerotech nearly 27 years ago as a  development engineer before holding a series of leadership positions managing the company’s  sales and engineering teams.  

“As today’s manufacturing and testing processes require ever-higher levels of precision and  automation, tremendous opportunities are opening up for Aerotech’s technologies and  engineering expertise,” said Novotnak. “I’m excited to lead this outstanding organization into  its next 50 years of success by connecting our best-in-class technologies to growing markets  requiring our solutions.”  

Novotnak earned bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in electrical engineering from the  University of Pittsburgh.