RPMC Lasers has released a compact Airtrac DPSS laser from Areté Associates. This air-cooled laser will provide 50mJ of pulse energy at 1064nm with pulse widths of 6ns FWHM and repetition rate capability up to 30Hz.

The laser will soon be available in a version that outputs 100mJ in the IR, a longer pulse-width version, as well as 532nm and OPO versions. The 532nm version will give the user roughly half of the pulse energy output. The design of the Airtrac is also scalable, allowing for higher pulse energies and the addition of nonlinear optics to reach eye-safe wavelengths.

Both the 532nm and OPO crystals will be internal to the laser and available in the standard packaging. To date the Airtrac has performed under a temperature range of -40ºC to +60ºC and is specified to operate up to +70ºC.