AMS Goniophotometers

Instrument Systems, a company for light measurement systems, has introduced a new goniophotometer generation under the Optronik Line label. The product line will be used for measuring luminous intensity distribution from automotive headlamps and direction indicator lamps in traffic signalling applications.

The AMS 5000 high-performance goniophotometer specialises in large and heavy samples weighing up to 50kg, such as automotive headlamps, signal lamps and sea markers. The new servo drive of the goniophotometer permits improved measuring speed and simplified control of the unit. The laser-based processing technology ensures robust and stable construction, and provides high quality for measurements over the entire service life. Furthermore, a new safety controller integrated in the hardware increases safety within the operating environment of the machine.

The AMS goniophotometers are based on further development of the Optronik SMS 10 series. The individual models of the AMS Series mainly differ in size and type of test specimen, the controllable axes and the lamp multiplexer.