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APM-16D17-05-DF8 and APM-16D17-06-DF8

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Everlight Electronics has introduced two three-in-one sensor modules, the APM-16D17-05-DF8 and APM-16D17-06-DF8, for use in environment brightness detection and smart switching in high-end and standard smart phones, tablet PCs, residential smart lighting and digital signage applications.

The APM-16D17-05-DF8 is a VCSEL sensor has a receiving angle of ±35° and is designed to be mounted behind a small hole in the front panel of a phone or tablet. Its illumination sensitivity range is 0.471m-53280 Lux and certified to IEC 60825-1 for the safety of laser products to the human eye. Combining the features of adjustable position sensing, ambient light sensing, and safety makes APM-16D17-05-DF8 suitable for high and medium end portable device applications.

The APM-16D17-06-DF8 uses a lower cost standard LED sensor with a receiving angle of ±40° and an illumination sensitivity range of 0.536m-69000Lux. It is designed to be mounted behind either a large oblong hole or dual holes in a front panel. Its high cost-performance ratio is ideal for budget electronic devices. The module solves common problems caused by the glass screen surface of a device reflecting an infrared signal. Everlight achieved this by implementing a unique package design which reduces cross-talk to a minimum.