RS-5-93K Digital Light Source System

Gamma Scientific has released its Digital Light Source RS-5-93K for characterisation of the performance of image sensors and image sensor systems. 

The device simplifies focal plane array testing while offering high resolution digital brightness control with near perfect linearity and uniformity. The light level setting to one part in 65,525 is provided in absolute, NIST-traceable, radiometric and/or photometric units.

The spectral distribution ranges from the UV into the near-infrared, RGB, and broadband white, featuring a linearity deviation of less than 0.25 per cent RMS of full scale over the entire brightness adjustment range. With simple commands and computer controls the RS-5 digital light control system can be easily integrated into new or existing test systems.

The RS-5-93K is configured to mount on the Agilent 93000 image sensor tester, which is ideal for use in a production-line testing application of CMOS image sensors. This system is used for both evaluating image sensors in the wafer stage and testing individual sensors after the wafers are diced into single components.

Advanced features include zero down-time, millisecond-speed light intensity changes, and extremely high output stability. The affordable unit works without lamp alignments or the need to replace the lamps. Quick and easy installation makes this affordable, new digital light source system ideal for a variety of testing and calibration and/or controlled illumination applications.