ARCspectro HT and NIR

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ARCoptix has released a range of very innovative compact spectrometers offering unique performance at a very reasonable cost. The spectrometers will be distributed by BFi OPTiLAS.

The ARCspectro HT is a very compact patented static polarisation Fourier Transform Spectrometer. It offers very high sensitivity (no grating losses and large input entrance, i.e. 3-4mm with no slit) allowing to work without focusing optics and with low light level such as diffuse light, raman and fluorescence spectroscopy.

The ARCspectro NIR is a patented MEMS NIR Fourier Transform Spectrometer. It uses no grating and a single photodiode as the detector. It offers an unmatched spectral range in a single instrument (up to 500 to 2,600nm with no moving parts) with 20 cm-1 resolution. Applications include: food, beverage, cosmetics, textile, plastics, material identification, agriculture, gas detection, environment monitoring, security, and process control.