ASM-5216 OEM spectrometer board

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Avantes' new ASM-5216 is the OEM version of its AS-5216 spectrometer board. The new board offers a 25 per cent reduction size and price compared to its predecessor, and industrial interfaces. It supports all Avantes USB2 optical benches with a wide range of new detectors and high speed communication. The ASM-5216 board is based on a powerful 5216 Coldfireâ processor, running at 64Mhz, 16-bit AD converter and USB2.0/RS232-interface.

Different detector types can be connected to the electronics board, such as TAOS photodiode arrays, Sony CCD detectors, Toshiba CCD detectors, Hamamatsu back-thinned CCD detectors, or Hamamatsu and Sensors Unlimited InGaAs NIR detectors. The board is equipped with a Samtec 60-pin card edge connector with 12 programmable IO ports (3 DI, 9 DO), two analogue out ports and two analogue in ports. The AS-5216 board can be synchronised with other AS-5216 boards to control the simultaneous data-sampling of multiple channels, all connected to USB2.0 high speed interface.

On-board signal processing allows data reduction to speed up scan transfer time. Data reduction can be achieved by defining a start and stop pixel and on-board averaging. The board can be operated by the extensive AS-5216-DLL with many functions to control the electronics board and data sampling parameters.