AtoID appoints integrated optics as an exclusive sales channel

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AtoID, a manufacturer of disposable SERS substrates, has appointed its parent company Integrated Optics, which manufactures compact CW Diode and DPSS lasers, as an exclusive sales channel. 

AtoID stated last year as very successful – company launched smaller form factor gold and silver coated substrates, MatoS and RandaS, signed contracts with few partners in different continents and its sensors’ sales grew every month. However, in order to facilitate further growth of the company, the decision was made to focus on R&D and application development in SERS based Raman spectroscopy, demonstrating best use scenarios of AtoID sensors. 

The company continues to produce all types of SERS substrates: Mato, Randa, MatoS, RandaS, but starting from April 2016 all external questions regarding orders, partnership, production runs and lead time is a responsibility of the parent company Integrated Optics, UAB.