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ATR fibre optic spectroscopy immersion probes with CIP functionality

Fibre Photonics has announced that it is now offering CIP (clean in place) functionality on its range of ATR immersion probes for fibre optic spectroscopy. The company states that many of its customers, in industries such as pharmaceutical production, rely upon the principle of CIP in order to maintain the interior surfaces of the pipes that make up their production facilities. With immersion spectroscopy in the mid-IR becoming more prevalent in these industries, the company now offers a range of fibre optic spectroscopy ATR immersion probe systems with automated CIP.

The company's semi- or fully-automated SensoGate-FOS (fibre optic spectroscopy) and remotely operated Ceramat-FOS with Unical-FOS 9000 controller are designed such that fibre optic immersion probes can be cleaned easily. The company now offers this CIP functionality across its range of ATR immersion probes in the spectral range 0.18-18µm.


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