Store To RAM function

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Avantes has added a new feature for Avatec spectrometers, called Store To RAM. This new function enables to store a high amount of spectra in a very short time. These spectra are saved in the internal memory (RAM) of the spectrometer before they are transmitted to the PC.

The new function is particularly interesting for users in need of in-line high speed spectral analyses, fluorescence decay measurements, wafer thinfilm mapping, and many more.

Store To RAM enables the stockpiling of scans at very high speed (as fast as 1.1msecs per scan for the AvaSpec-2048-USB2, and 0.1msecs per scan for the AvaSpec-128-USB2) in the internal spectrometer-RAM, without the overhead of USB communication.

Based on this the AvaSpec-2048-USB2 allows the storage of over a thousand full spectra, the Avaspec-128-USB2 almost 20,000 spectra. The storage capacity can be even expanded by reducing the pixel range and selecting only the start and stop pixels.