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To be accessible to a wider range of applications, such as LIBS and plasma monitoring, Avantes has extended its spectrometer platform with the AvaSpec-3648-USB2, a new detector type, which supports a larger range of integration times. The AvaSpec-3648-USB2 has 3648 pixels resolution to cover the UV/VIS/NIR range from 200-1100nm. With a choice of 15 different gratings and slit configurations, a full-width, half maximum resolution of 0.025nm can be achieved.

The AvaSpec-3648-USB2 has an integrated optical shutter and supports an integration time ranging from 10µs up to 10min (in steps of 10µs) and timing control for pulsed lasers in LIBS applications with a programmable integration delay time of -21ns to 89s in steps of 21ns.The USB2 platform enables precise online-monitoring and a high-speed spectrum transfer of 3.7ms. High speed data processing with a powerful on-board Coldfire 64 MHz microprocessor and integrated RAM allows pixel selection and averaging to even further speed up data communication.

Additional interfaces such as 12 digital out, three digital in and two analogue input and two analogue output are standard, integrated to allow the AvaSpec-3648-USB2 act as a standalone spectrometer for process control applications. RS-232 interface and wireless data communication via Bluetooth are implemented in the AvaSpec-3648 as well.