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The new AvaSpec-Hero spectrometer from Avantes is suitable for applications that require high resolution, high sensitivity and USB3 or Ethernet interfaces. With a higher aperture, cooled back thinned detector and low noise, it suits a variety of demanding applications such as fluorescence, Raman and absorption spectroscopy.

Based on a high sensitivity compact optical bench (f=100mm; NA=0.13) and a 1,024 x 58 backthinned CCD detector, the AvaSpec-Hero offers both high sensitivity and resolution. The instrument is equipped with thermoelectric cooling, enabling long integration times in low light applications. In conjunction with Avantes’ AS7010 electronics, including a high-end AD convertor, noise is kept to a minimum, offering high signal to noise and dynamic range performance.

A selection of gratings and replaceable slits offers a flexibility of configuring the instrument for a wide range of applications in the 200-1,160nm range. This high end spectrometer will be an uncompromising tool, enabling accurate measurements to be performed in a wide variety of applications.