Avia 355-14

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Coherent has expanded its popular Avia product family of UV lasers with a new, intermediate power level model in a package optimised for cost-effective micromachining at high throughput rates. Specifically, the AVIA 355-14 is an all-solid-state Q-switched laser that generates over 14W at 355nm.

The new laser’s pulse duration of less than 30ns and its high beam quality (M² <1.3), make it ideal for materials processing, in terms of spatial resolution, edge quality and minimised peripheral thermal effects. In addition, the laser supports pulse repetition rates as high as 300kHz, enabling both vector scanning and very high-speed raster scanning applications.

Cost of ownership is minimised through the use of long-lived pump diodes, which are easily replaceable. The frequency-tripling component now has a projected lifetime of providing stable output power for more than 60,000 hours. And the AVIA product reliability is backed up by an industry-leading two-year warranty.

This new laser includes the Posilock beam position sensor and feedback system, which maximises beam-pointing accuracy and stability. Additional automation enhancements include total pulse control and pulse-shaping features. As with all Avia lasers, the Avia 355-14 delivers high pulse-to-pulse energy stability, which results in high process uniformity.