G3 laser marking and engraving workstation

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Foba has introduced its G3 laser marking and engraving workstation for high-precision and repeatable laser marking and engraving of small workpieces. The laser workstation belongs to the company's line of laser engraving machines but bridges the gap to its marking machines; the G3 is suitable for producing precise, deep engravings, but also for brilliant laser markings in small and premium parts. The G3 is particularly well suited to applications in the medical technology industry, in fine engraving in tool and mould production.

The G3 features a powerful solid state laser, and an intelligent mark positioning system as well (as manual point and shoot) to ensure short processing times and high-precision. This positioning system automatically detects workpieces, and adjusts the marking/engraving accordingly.

Measuring 0.80 x 1.75m, with a height of 1.90m, the G3 fits through standard doors. The laser to be integrated in the class 1 enclosure is freely selectable by the user from Foba’s range of fibre laser markers (Foba DP20F, DP30F, DP50F) and grayscale laser markers (DP10GS [Vanadate], DP30FGS). The company's MarkUS software is included with the machine, with the company's EMC software for laser engraving available as an option.