Axio Scope.A1 Materials Microscope

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Carl Zeiss has released the Axio Scope.A1, a flexible, high-performance modular microscope platform specially designed for routine applications in materials microscopy.

New instrument solutions and the high-quality EC Epiplan line of objectives will meet the demands of users faced with specific routine tasks in industry. This new generation of microscopes has been tailored to the requirements of quality control and failure analysis.

The extreme flexibility of the microscope is achieved with five different microscope upper bodies, three different lower bodies and two Vario columns, which can be selected for the respective requirements and combined into an optimally customised microscope system. The Axio Scope A.1 offers exceptionally large scalability of the sample area height, which can be continuously set for sample sizes up to 380 mm high for numerous applications, depending on the configuration. 2-position sliders, 4-position and 6-position reflector turrets are available as reflector modules, depending on the application. In any case, it is possible to quickly and easily switch between the different contrasting techniques.

In addition to traditional contrasting techniques in reflected and transmitted light such as brightfield, darkfield, DIC and polarisation, Axio Scope.A1 now also enables innovative techniques such as C-DIC and PlasDIC. The line of high-contrast EC Epiplan objectives was specially developed for routine applications. They produce a flat-field image for a 23mm field of view and are available in brightfield and brightfield/darkfield versions. As they are produced with low strain, they are ideal for high-quality DIC microscopy. This line of objectives enables the innovative C-DIC technique (Differential Interference Contrast in circularly polarised light) with only a single prism. Furthermore, the entire spectrum of objectives from Carl Zeiss is available.