BasiK single frequency, low noise DFB fibre laser

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Koheras has released its BasiK module, a single frequency, low noise distributed feedback (DFB) fibre laser system in a compact package with passive vibration isolation. It is designed for industrial OEM integration into advanced sensing interrogation systems, used in, for example, oil exploration, submarines, and perimeter detection.

The module has been developed as a building block for either single wavelength systems or multi-wavelength DWDM systems with up to 10 different wavelengths. It offers an exceptionally low phase/frequency and vibration noise and is available with up to 50mW of output power. It is controllable via RS-485 interface and can optionally be provided with Koheras GraphiK software enabling the user to monitor and control multiple laser parameters. Other features include active relative intensity noise (RIN) suppression, thermal tuning, and optional kHz piezoelectric modulation, used, for example, for frequency stabilisation. The fibre laser output is terminated with an FC/APC SMF-28 pigtailed connector (optionally pulse modulated output).