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BeamGage analysis software

Ophir-Spiricon has announced that its BeamGage next generation laser beam analysis software is the first to support the combination of laser beam profiling with power meter measurements in a single system. The software now interfaces with Ophir's power meters, including the company's new Quasar wireless device. The software also matches the time stamps of the laser power meter readings to the beam profile data with a similar time stamp, providing a more complete view of laser performance.

BeamGage now interfaces with most Ophir power meters, including the Juno, LaserStar, Nova II, Orion handhelds, and Quasar wireless Bluetooth power meter; the Vega colour display; and the USBI laser sensor to PC interface. The software provides a range of power/energy results, including total power or energy, peak power/energy density, average pulse power, peak pulse power, device efficiency, and per cent aperture.

BeamGage Standard features also include BeamMaker beam simulator, automatic camera control for ease of use, and comprehensive set of beam analysis algorithms. The professional version of the software also includes capabilities such as partitioning of camera output for separate analysis of multiple laser beams from sources such as fibre, a .NET interface for full remote control when integrating beam analysis into an automated application, and camera sharing.


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