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StarLab 2.01 laser measurement software

Ophir-Spiricon has introduced its StarLab 2.01 laser measurement software, which converts a PC into a multi-channel laser power/energy station. The latest version of the software includes Windows 7 64-bit compatibility and LabVIEW support for Ophir-Spiricon's Juno USB laser sensor to PC interface. Earlier this year, StarLab added synchronisation and display of multiple channels in one window, user-defined and multi-channel calculations, and an easy-to-use configuration panel for all channels.

StarLab works with Ophir-Spiricon's smart displays and PC interfaces, allowing users to measure, analyse, and record laser power and energy parameters from the company's line of smart power/energy sensors. StarLab 2.01 collects data from pyroelectric, thermal, and photodiode heads using any of Ophir-Spiricon's laser power/energy meters, PC interfaces, or combinations of the two. The software logs power and energy; calculates and displays averages, statistics, histograms, and more.

Windows 7 64-bit compatibility makes working with large data sets easier, computations faster, and multitasking more efficient. LabVIEW support integrates real-time control and advanced analysis and signal processing functions with Ophir-Spiricon's Juno. Juno is a compact USB module that connects any of Ophir-Spiricon's 100+ smart laser sensors - thermal, pyroelectic, and photodiode - to a PC USB port.

StarLab 2.01 supports the Juno USB laser sensor (up to eight devices), the USBI USB laser sensor to PC interface, the Vega compact, stand-alone meter, the Nova II high definition, stand-alone meter, the Pulsar high speed, multi-channel USB meter, and the Quasar wireless Bluetooth meter.


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