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Ophir's Laser Measurement Group has announced a new version of StarLab, its laser measurement software that converts a PC into a multi-channel laser power/energy station. The newest edition incorporates Microsoft COM Object technology, a programming language-neutral way of implementing objects across applications, even across machine boundaries. Ophir's COM Object, OphirLMMeasurement, is used by developers to create reusable software components and to link these components together to build applications. This allows system integrators and OEMs to quickly and easily create applications that use laser measurement objects without having to know how the objects were built. For example, an OEM can integrate Ophir power meter products into its system software using OphirLMMeasurement, a  thermopile sensor, and Juno, Ophir's compact USB module that connects any of the company's 100+ smart laser sensors (thermal, pyroelectic, and photodiode), attached to a PC USB port.

OphirLMMeasurement supports all of Ophir's USB-enabled laser power/energy meters and PC interfaces, allowing the devices to easily be integrated into test and measurement applications. Other features of StarLab include Windows 7 64-bit compatibility for faster processing of large data sets, synchronisation and display of multiple channels in one window, user-defined and multi-channel calculations, and an easy-to-use configuration panel for all channels. The software logs power and energy; calculates and displays averages, statistics, histograms; and more.


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