BioScope Catalyst Perfusing Stage Incubator

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Veeco Instruments has introduced the BioScope Catalyst Perfusing Stage Incubator to facilitate cell biology studies using simultaneous AFM and optical methods. This accessory enables researchers to maintain ideal cell culture conditions for long-duration live cell studies with Veeco's Catalyst AFM, significantly extending cell viability over hours or even days.

Featuring a broad range of incubation and perfusion options, including continuous or intermittent liquid perfusion, heating, and maintenance of carbon dioxide buffered media, the Perfusing Stage Incubator accessory optimises the Catalyst's ideal integration between atomic force microscopy and optical microscopy techniques. Researchers are able to observe dynamic, long-duration events without compromising the full capabilities of either technology or the samples. The accessory also supports Veeco's Microscope Image Registration and Overlay (MIRO) feature, which automatically imports and rescales light microscope images to then be used to direct the location of AFM imaging and force measurements.