StellarNet has introduced the Black-Comet series of concave grating spectrometers, which utilise a holographic aberration-corrected concave grating for UV-VIS and UVN measurements. The spectrograph contains no mirrors to minimise stray light while projecting a flat field to the detector array. This achieves uniform focus to maximise resolution over the entire wavelength range. Additionally, the Black-Comet SR model employs a dual blaze grating to provide high efficiency at both ends of the spectrum for UV and NIR wavelengths. The units are vibration tolerant with no optical adjustments providing superior stability for ultimate reliability.

The extruded aluminum enclosure ensures extreme durability with robust operation to suit any lab or portable application. SpectraWiz software is included free, along with OEM drivers and customisable programs for LabVIEW and Excel-VBA.