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The new miniature Green-Wave range of fibre optic spectrometers from StellarNet includes 15 models to cover the UV-VIS-NIR wavelength ranges from 190-1150nm. Detector options include 2k/3k element CCD or PDA arrays with no defects or moving parts. The tiny instruments connect to a PC’s USB port and are extremely portable with a rugged design that handles shock and temperature changes. The instruments are USB powered with an optional battery port. Each unit is just 1 x 3 x 5-inches and weighs just 14ozs.

The SpectraWiz software suite is included free-of-charge to enable a variety of spectroscopy measurements. This includes customisable programs for LabView and direct operation from MS Excel via Visual Basic Automation.

Light measurements include spectroradiometry (for LED, laser, solar, plasma emissions, etc.), CIELAB colorimetry, chemical composition (and reaction rates), optical spectroscopy, and UVabc measurement.