BluePhoton 488

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Omicron has developed a new generation of 488nm diode lasers.

The BluePhoton 488 has an extremely fast direct analogue modulation capability up to 350MHz, so there is no longer any need to use opto-acoustic modulators.

In addition, with a power of 20mW, they are characterised by improved efficiency in power consumption and have a longer life time. A significant feature of the Omicron diode laser in the new wavelength is the system operational-readiness in under two minutes. Furthermore, the astigmatism is compensated by the use of the innovative Omicron optics. This archives not only a round beam with a diameter of approximately one millimeter 1/e² but also an absolutely round focus.

The use of typical laser components from Omicron products together with the 488nm wavelength produces new possibilities. In combination with the spectacular Deepstar from Omicron, a diode laser with almost infinite modulation depth, the use of 488nm diodes produces unrivalled results. In the Deepstar version, the BluePhoton 488 indicates a bright/dark ratio of more than 2.5 million to one in the modulation state.

Due to a temperature stability and the use of the Omicron high-precision electronics, the BluePhoton 488 gives a convincing performance with an extreme noise reduction of less than 0.1 per cent (RMS) and a power fluctuation of less than 0.5 per cent over 48 hours.

The modular principle of the laser heads of the LDM series also offers further possibilities for customer-specific adaptation, such as single-mode fiber coupling with an efficiency of up to 75 per cent, collimation for 0.5 to 15 millimeters beam diameter, focussing objective to under one micrometer and a lot more.