Sole Laser Light Engines

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Omicron has introduced a new laser series for applications in biotechnology. The innovative Sole Laser Light Engines combines up to six emission wavelengths, coupling them into polarisation-maintaining single-mode fibres.

The lasers two versions, with up to three or up to six wavelengths in the range of 375nm to 830nm, and an optical output power up to 150mW at each wavelength. The light sources are diode lasers and DPSS lasers, the output beams of which are efficiently combined and coupled into one or two single-mode fibres.

High-speed analogue and digital modulation, as well as fast switching between all individual laser lines in the Sole Light Engine is realised by direct electronic control. The user can chose from more than 20 available wavelengths, assembling the Sole system as required. Popular wavelengths at 405nm, 488nm, 561nm or 642nm are accessible, as well as less common wavelengths such as 375nm, 442nm, 594 or 730nm. The devices come with an integrated USB 2.0 interface and Windows compatible laser control software. Applications of microscopy and flow cytometry the new Omicron Sole Systems offer an easy to handle Plug-and-Play solution.