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Omicron is presenting its innovative QuixX laser series at Photonics West. The series provides compact laser modules with fully integrated driver electronics, high precision temperature regulation and beam shaping optics.

The laser is able to emit ultrashort pulses down to 50 picoseconds with user-adjustable pulse shape and continuous wave operation, in combination with fast analogue modulation and digital gating/shuttering in the megahertz range.

In picosecond operation, QuixX offers a ‘narrow-pulse’ mode with a Gaussian pulse shape. In ‘wide-pulse’ mode, the laser is able to achieve higher peak powers and longer pulses of up to one nanosecond. In ‘expert mode’ the user is able to adjust the pulse-shape to the exact needs of their application.

Typical applications are time-resolved single photon counting, spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy including FRAP, TIRF, FLIM and STED. It can also be used as a seed or pump laser for fibre lasers and MOPA systems.