AvaSpec USB 2.0

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The new AvaSpec USB 2.0 is a modular system mounted in 9.5-inch desktop (for one to four channels) or 19-inch rack mount housing (for up to 10 channels). It can be configured as single, dual, triple, quadruple or multi-channel instrument with up to 127 different spectrometer channels, all read out simultaneously, and synchronised by the master’s board microprocessor. The simultaneous data sampling allows fast read-out and enables monitoring of pulsed light sources with different channels evaluating the same pulse.

For each channel a different wavelength range, detector and integration time can be selected, without losing synchronisation between the different channels. With the new set-up, different detector types can be used, such as UV/VIS and NIR to cover a wide wavelength range with one spectrometer system. A possible application is in car glass production to control coating absorption at various line stations.

Different integration times are possible, while each synchronised channel can still scan simultaneously. This allows laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) to measure from 200 to 900nm in high resolution (less than 0.1nm FWHM).