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Labsphere´s new series of uniform light sources CCS-1000 – dedicated to camera and sensor calibration in the production line.

Every day improvements of cameras and sensors in terms of color perception and resolution lead to higher requirements in quality assurance and production control.

Traditionally flat fielding and other camera and sensor corrections were made with uniform sources including a halogen light source, due to the constant output of halogen lamp over time and the well-known linear spectrum. But because of the change in time and the replacement of traditional light sources with LED sources there is demand to adapt calibration equipment as well.

Cold white LEDs consist of a blue LED with a yellow phosphor layer on the top, therefore they have a large peak in the blue range which does not appear in case of a halogen spectrum. As the calibration scenario shall be as close as possible to the later usage of the devices, it is important to adapt the integrating sphere systems.

Labsphere´s latest series of CCS-1000 systems replaced the halogen source, inside the high reflectance integrating sphere, made out of the material Spectralon, by 16 LEDs distributed over the VIS and NIR range to generate almost every spectrum. Standard sources like illuminant A, B, C, D50, 55, 65, 75, F2 and F12 are set as defaults, customer specific spectra could be composed easily.