SLEDs at 670nm and 830nm

Arima Lasers now offers SLEDs at 670nm and 830nm with an output power of up to 10mW in 5.6mm TO packages. 

A superluminescence diode is equivalent to a laser diode without a resonator, offering the brightness of a laser diode with the low coherence of LEDs via amplified spontaneous emission. 

Similar to edge-emitting laser diodes, SLEDs have a p-n junction and are operated under forward bias. Unlike edge emitters, SLEDs do not have a resonator; thus a standing wave cannot form. Without sufficient feedback, SLEDs are unable to achieve lasing action instead relying on a high single pass optical amplification for spontaneous emissions.

These diodes are successfully used in optical low coherence tomography, fibre sensor technology, and illumination for medical applications.