CDOM-Station and CDOM-Station Pro

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Chelsea Technologies Group (CTG) has launched its CDOM-Station and CDOM-Station Pro systems that allow utility operation managers, process scientists and engineers to assess real-time levels of coloured dissolved organic matter (CDOM) in water systems. This is achieved by detecting UV CDOM fluorescence, which has been shown to correlate with organic levels in a wide variety of water environments, providing significantly enhanced improvements in sensitivity over conventional absorbance methods.

Applications for these systems include managing disinfection by-product formation potential, assessing organic load through water treatment works, filter management, coagulation control plus monitoring the formation of THMs and HAAs.

The CDOM-Station comprises a single CTG UviLux CDOM fluorometer and a Watchkeeper wall mounted data display and logger. The CDOM-Station Pro includes an additional UviLux sensor, configured for detecting tryptophan-like fluorescence. The second sensor provides additional sample information regarding potential bacterial contamination. 

The CDOM-Station and CDOM-Station Pro have been designed for both indoor and outdoor operation, with the UviLux fluorometers either fitted within a water trough or mounted in flow-through manifolds for in-line operation. A single cable connects the UviLux fluorometers to the Watchkeeper display and logger unit where data is displayed on a colour touchscreen for internal logging.