Leap excimer laser

Coherent has launched the Leap excimer laser, offering a good combination of output power, low purchase price and economical operating cost for micromachining applications in microelectronics and medical device manufacturing. In particular, Leap is primarily intended for cost sensitive, throughput critical micro-manufacturing tasks, such as for small and functional devices with smart functions (electrical, chemical, biological) and micro fluidic parts.

Leap utilises the reliable Novatube construction and discharge design to provide low operation costs per Watt. The direct UV laser emission of Leap delivers a per pulse energy of 650mJ at repetition rates of up to 200Hz (for an average power of 130W), at wavelengths of either 248nm or 308nm. By implementing the latest UV laser technology and experiences from the production floor, Coherent designers have produced a laser that meets today's requirements in regard to performance, low purchase price, and reduced operating costs.