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CHRocodile S

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Armstrong Optical is distributing the CHRocodile S, a new optical controller to operate in conjunction with the Precitec Optronik range of non-contact surface profiling and thickness measurement systems.

The new optical controller – the CHRocodile S – has an LED light source equivalent to a 50W halogen source. The use of an LED light source not only ensures a much longer lifetime (several tens of thousands of hours) and lower power consumption, but also guarantees the ability to easily measure surfaces with a wide dynamic range of reflection characteristics without swamping the response of the sensor system.

The CHRocodile S has built-in digital interfaces (RS232, RS422 and USB) allowing remote control for production line integration and has been designed for laboratory and factory-floor operation.

The CHRocodile S is compatible with the existing range of Precitec Optronik chromatic confocal sensor systems offering sub-nanometre to millimetric measurement resolutions across a huge variety of surfaces from rubber/paper/metals to MEMS and semiconductor components. When used in conjunction with the Precitec Optronik Nemesis measurement systems components up to 200mm can very simply be interrogated for shape, roughness, flatness, texture, microtopography and thickness. Alternatively the modular nature of the controllers and sensors lends them to easy integration into third-party measurement systems.