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Pro-Lite Technology has introduced a portable, touch-screen illuminance photometer designed along similar lines to a smart phone; the CL-70F from Konica Minolta. The CL-70F is a slim-line lux meter that is easily transported in a pocket or bag. Unlike traditional tristimulus colorimeters, the CL-70F is built around a compact spectrometer engine which helps to ensure accurate readings with any type of light source, including LEDs.

The CL-70F measures the illuminance (in lux) from the light source as well as the visible spectrum (380-780nm), correlated colour temperature (CCT, Kelvin), CIE chromaticity (xy), CIE tristimulus values (XYZ), and the CRI colour rendering indices (Ra, R1-14). Luminous intensity (candela) measurements are also possible. The CL-70F features a novel rotating sensor head, which allows the operator to stand behind the meter when taking measurements, yet still directly view the results on the touch-screen display.

In addition, the CL-70F is self-contained with no need to use a separate notebook PC for control and for recording measurements. Utility software (CL-SU1w) is supplied as standard for those who wish to log measurements to their PC for further analysis.