Cobolt Dual Combiner

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Cobolt, Swedish manufacturer of high performance DPSS lasers, has expanded their product offering for compact visible laser sources by releasing of the Cobolt Dual Combiner.

This device provides alignment-free combination of any two lines in Cobolt’s broad range of visible lasers in one compact package. Built on a compact and stable platform with optimised thermo-mechanical properties, the Cobolt Dual Combiner provides a permanently aligned beam overlap. The very small dynamical tolerances of the beam overlap (<20µrad/°C), combined with a robust and compact platform make adjustment uneccessary. The device can be used for drop-in replacement of gas lasers or as a way to expand the wavelength offering of existing light-engines, e.g for confocal micriscopy, without the need for any re-design. The foot-print of the device is only 190 x 65mm, and the two laser lines can be addressed individually through RS-232 communication. Examples of attractive line-combinations that can be offered with the Cobolt Dual Combiner are: 491+515nm, 491+457nm, 491+561nm or 561+594nm.

The Cobolt visible lasers are continuous-wave DPSS lasers operating at fixed wavelengths of 457, 473, 491, 515, 532, 561 or 594nm, and with output power levels of up to 300mW. Built into a hermetically sealed compact package using the proprietary HTCureTM technology for extreme robustness, the Cobolt visible lasers are single longitudinal mode lasers with low noise (<0.3 per cent rms), narrow spectral line width (typically <30 MHz) and exceptionally high beam quality (M2<1.1). The Cobolt visible lasers are based on proprietary PPKTP frequency conversion technology, for optimum flexibility and efficiency.