Cobolt sells its 10,000th laser

Cobolt, Swedish manufacturer of high performance lasers, is proud to announce that they produced and shipped their 10,000th laser in February 2016.

The recipient of the Cobolt Samba 532nm 300mW single frequency laser, Dr Sam Johnson from the Photonic Nanomaterials Group in the Department of Materials at the University of Oxford, was ‘excited and surprised, it was an honour’. 

With roots from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm and founded in 2000, Cobolt has been a dedicated supplier of high performance lasers to the analytical instrument market for now 16 years. After many market firsts and pioneering its proprietary manufacturing method, HTCure, Cobolt lasers have proven to deliver unmatched reliability and performance both in the lab and industrial environments, demonstrating lifetime capability of >60 000 hours.

Sam Johnson is studying nitrogen vacancy (N-V) defects in diamond lattices which could hold the key to the future of quantum computing. The Cobolt Samba 532nm is used in a scanning confocal microscope set-up to excite the diamond, the red emission highlighting the N-V lattice defect. Cobolt was the first choice due to the higher available output power, excellent power stability and TEM00 beam, as well as quick delivery time.