Comet 1K laser power meter

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The Comet 1K laser power meter from Rofin makes it possible for all laser users to accurately check the power output from their system in a safe and simple manner.

The power meter can be set to automatic mode for hands free operation, and as soon as the laser is switched on the Comet 1K measures the heat rise from a 10 second exposure to the laser beam thereby calculating the laser power.


A sophisticated algorithm is used to take into account the initial temperature of the unit and it can give accurate readings even if the Comet 1K is already hot before the start of the measurement cycle. This algorithm enables several sequential readings to be taken before it is necessary to cool the unit.


With a power measurement range from 20W to 1000W and calibrated for a spectral range of between 0.2-20µm, the Comet 1K can be used across a broad range of laser types. The battery operated unit can also be used in a manual mode if required and is also easily re-calibrated by the user ensuring consistent and accurate readings of +/- five per cent absolute accuracy every time.