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Dilas has introduced the new Compact series of air-cooled, fibre-coupled, high-power diode laser system from a very compact package. The new system features Dilas’ conduction-cooled, single and multi-bar based, 400µm fibre-coupled diode laser modules and is operated via its integrated power supply and a computerised control unit. It is an easy-to-use solution for OEM integrators as well as scientific applications.

Power levels are 40W, 60W, 100W, 200W, 300W and 400W in 400µm, NA 0.22 fibres, and 25W, 50W and 100W in 200µm, NA 0.22 fibres. For up to 100W, the system uses SMA-fibres and is based on air-cooling. For higher power levels the Compact Series utilises high-power QBH-fibres and industrial water cooling.

The turn key system consists of a compact 19-inch (4HU), rack-mountable chassis, metal-armoured fibre and imaging optics with protection glass. The system can be combined with Dilas’ processing heads offering camera and pyrometer options, and allowing the closed-loop operation of the system in pre-defined temperature ranges for quality relevant applications in medical device manufacturing and automotive.

The system is also available with an optional fibre-input galvo-scanner featuring a field of operation in which the laser spot can be freely addressed. It is ideal for selective soldering or quasi-simultaneous welding of plastics.


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