Laser Components' Count blue series achieves a quantum efficiency of 60 per cent in the blue spectral range, which the company claims has never been done before. 

Significantly higher than modules from other manufacturers, according to Laser Components, the Count products typically achieve a quantum efficiency of 70 per cent in the yellow and green wavelengths.

The heart of the Count series is a blue-enhanced silicon Geiger mode Avalanche Photo Diode (APD) developed specifically for this series. It is the lowest-noise APD on the market says Laser Components. Dark count rates of 10-250 counts per second are possible.

For applications in fluorescence measurement, Laser Components claims the Count blue series makes it possible to significantly improve performance compared to applications employing older-generation single photon counting modules.

These modules are available with an FC connection for optical fibres with a core diameter up to 105µm or as a free-beam version. They are plug-and-play compatible with standard photon counters available on the market. Existing counting modules can be replaced by the Count series, which has been done by its customers.