Cube 640-100

Coherent has released the Cube 640-100, a high-power 640nm red diode laser module. The single emitter-based, turnkey system offers 100mW of CW output in a high-quality (M2<1.5), and a small diameter beam (1mm diameter).

The Cube 640-100 is primarily intended for flow cytometry applications utilising dyes originally optimised for the 633nm output of helium neon lasers. In this context, the high output power of this new laser will deliver higher throughput (scan rate) and improved signal-to-noise. The device has a maximum output wavelength of 644 nm. This hard limit ensures high transmission through the laser emission bandpass filters typically used in cytomtery instrumentation, as well as excellent blocking by commonly-used detector filters.  Another key application for the Cube 640-100 is high throughput screening in drug discovery.

This new laser also uses the benefits of Coherent's Cube architecture for digital (bandwidth 150MHz) and analogue modulation (bandwidth 350kHz), and easy system integration through the use of USB, RS-232 and analogue interfaces. It utilises the same footprint as lower power Cube lasers, thus facilitating upgrade for systems builders.