Cube FP lasers

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Coherent has extended its range of Cube FP fibre-pigtailed diode laser products with the addition of several new wavelengths and output power levels. With these new additions, Cube FP lasers are available at the wavelengths 405nm (50mW), 445nm (25mW), 488nm (30mW), 640nm (30mW and 75mW), and 660nm (75mW). There are two design configurations available for each wavelength and power level; one produces a high quality (M² < 1.1), collimated output beam, while the second delivers output from a single mode, polarisation-preserving fibre on a FC/APC connection.

All Cube FP lasers are compact, diode laser-based systems delivering stable output power throughout their lifetime. These characteristics make them a very attractive replacement for HeNe and other free-space and fibre-coupled lasers. Cube FP lasers are particularly well-suited for bioinstrumentation applications such as flow cytometry, confocal microscopy, medical imaging, high-throughput drug discovery and genomics. In particular, because of their excellent beam quality, flexible delivery options and power stability over time, the system integration is greatly simplified, and provides a maintenance-free source of high quality laser power. The models can be directly modulated at frequencies of up to 150MHz digital and 350kHz analogue, low noise (<0.2 per cent rms from 20Hz to 10MHz) and a small mounting area, as well as both USB and RS232 connectivity.