Cusing systems with added capabilites

Concept Laser has unveiled a range of LaserCusing laser additive manufacturing systems, aimed at mould-making applications and a range of other markets.

In addition to the original range of materials on offer for the systems, a finer quality variant of stainless steel will be made available. The company's existing titanium-6,4 alloy will be complemented by a high purity titanium, meaning that strict standards for surgical implants can be met by parts produced on the machine. Additionally, a new class of cobalt-chrome based alloys is being developed, primarily for use in dental applications.

Alongside the expanded range of materials, a new powder management system is also being released. Initially available for the M2 Cusing machine, this new system will speed up switch-over between different powder materials and further enhance the handling, storage and quality assurance of the metal powder. Other enhancements are also expected, such as a real-time quality management systems, able to monitor the state of the melt pool to guarantee the quality of the finished product.

Concept Laser systems are distributed and serviced in the UK and Ireland by ES Technology.