Mlab cusing range

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ES Technology is now supplying the latest addition to Concept Laser's Mlab cusing range. Mlab cusing is a compact laser-melting machine for the production of small and intricate components such as jewellery, bracelets, watch elements and dental prosthesis.

This machine represents an excellent opportunity to introduce additive manufacturing to a new group of industries. Unique products and small batches can be manufactured overnight from original stainless steel, medically approved Cobalt Chrome, or precious metal powders. In contrast to the traditional casting process, the metal laser melting method allows not only denser surfaces, but also the creation of geometries that have not previously been feasible, providing designers with much greater freedom and creativity.

The system is extremely compact, measuring just 705 x 1,833 x 955mm (WxHxD). One special feature of this machine is its user-friendly, pull-out drawer system. This includes both the construction and dosing chambers and the storage container. The drawer system is available with three different build envelope versions: 50 x 50mm, 70 x 70mm, and 90 x 90mm. The height of the build envelope is always 80mm.

Concept Laser has launched the Mlab cusing with certified materials: cobalt-chromium alloy (remanium star CL), stainless steel alloy CL 20ES (1.4404) and 18 carat yellow gold. The company has already announced that silver, titanium and other metal alloys will be available in 2012. The robust and powerful laser at the heart of the system, operates with a focus diameter of less than 35µm in order to reproduce supreme surface qualities together with intricate and delicate component structures.