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Scitec Instruments has introduced the TX-5515 – an E/O to O/E converter pair that enables precise transmission of one analogue plus four digital channels of information over fibre optic links for distances up to, and greater than, 10 kilometres.

Incoming analogue data is digitised to 12-bit precision at 100 mega samples per second and transmitted over optical fibre at one Gigabit per second. The analogue signal bandwidth is from DC to 25 MHz (-3dB). Two input voltage ranges are provided, +/-1 Volt and +/-5 Volts. The input impedance of the transmitter analogue channel may be set to 50 ohms or 1 megohm (75 ohms is optional). Multiplexed along with the analogue data, four independent TTL/CMOS/LVTTL digital signals may be toggled at rates of up to 48Mb/s.

Two models of the LTX-5515 are available. Selection depends on the fibre type and the length of the fibre optic link that is required. The LTX-5515-850 transmits at 850 nm over multi-mode fibre optic links of up to 250m, while the LTX-5515-1310 transmits at 1310nm over single mode fibre to span distances exceeding 10km.

Applications include data acquisition for plasma physics experiments, signal transmission and control of equipment at high voltage potentials, transmission of high-quality video and precise noise-free signal transmission in hostile EMI environments.


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