Daytona 355-20

An ultraviolet fibre laser from Coherent is claimed to offer the precision processing capabilities of a short-pulse, picosecond laser, together with the high throughput speed characteristic of a Q-switched, diode-pumped, solid-state laser.

The Daytona 355-20 delivers over 20W of power in sub-nanosecond pulses, at repetition rates of over 1MHz at 355nm. In addition, the Daytona produces a TEM00 (M² <1.3) output beam, making it suitable for precision micro-machining. Its pulse width can be adjusted from <1ns to 20ns, while repetition rate can go from single-shot to over 2MHz.  

Applications include wafer dicing, scribing and drilling, glass scribing for touch panels and LCDs, touch screen patterning, and thin film scribing for photovoltaics manufacturing.