Deep UV laser sources

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Passively Q-switched sub-nanosecond laser provider Teem Photonics has announced the release of two new deep UV laser sources.

The products are now available from Photonic Solutions. For applications ranging from material ablation to laser induced fluorescence, the 266nm microchip range now has the new SNU-20F-000, increasing the average power from 2mW to 12mW and the pulse repetition rate from 6kHz to 20kHz. Multiple options such as photodiode synchronisation or collimation help are also available.

For transparent material marking and micromachining, the Powerchip series is now extended to 266nm with the new PNU-M01510-000. Producing more than 15µJ with a less than 350ps pulse, this new laser achieves over 40kW of peak power.