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CASIX has released a range of etalons to its Fibre Optics (optical communications) range.

Etalons are narrowband wavelength filters, offering the advantage of high transmission. Because etalons feature low wavefront distortion, low insertion loss, easy tunability etc, they are widely applied in fibre communications such as WDM networks, tunable filters, wavelength locker, DWDM systems and so on.

Distributed in the UK by Photonic Solutions, CASIX etalons are available as air-spaced or solid etalons depending on the application. The air-spaced etalons are two extremely parallel plates polished to very tight specification with an air gap between them. They are designed with special partial reflecting etalon and AR coatings resulting in improved transmission and great thermal stability. 

The solid etalons feature two parallel plates but with a special coating to create the cavity. High quality cavities result in high transmission, a compact size, high damage threshold but with the added benefit of low cost. Both air-spaced and solid etalons are available with a wide choice of Free Spectral Range (FSR) figures from 1500GHz to 10GHz.


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