NKT Photonics now offers its femtoWhite series - a pre-assembled polarisation maintaining fibre device that can be used with an ultrafast oscillator to generate octave spanning, low-noise supercontinuum output.

The femtoWhite series are designed for use with 800nm range femtosecond lasers, in particular Ti:Sapphire lasers, and offer a reliable, affordable and relatively simple method to generate supercontinuum output. These devices have found applications in a variety of areas, including CARS microscopy, frequency comb spectroscopy, non-linear spectroscopy, optical coherence tomography, metrology and the characterisation of optical devices.

The femtoWhite is a pre-assembled device consisting of polarisation maintaining fibre photonic crystal fibre (PCF) in a compact, robust, hermetically-sealed, one-inch diameter package. The femtoWhite supercontinuum devices are available in two models - the femtoWhite-800 and the femtoWhite-CARS. The femtoWhite-800 is optimised for broad octave spanning output, and the device's tailored dispersion curve enables stable, low-noise supercontinuum generation using an existing femtosecond laser. The femtoWhite-CARS gives a dual peak spectrum optimised for CARS applications without the hassle of fibre cleaving and handling. The two closely spaced zero-dispersion wavelengths of the femtoWhite CARS enable stable, low-noise supercontinuum generation and control of the spectral shape by tuning the pump wavelength.

The femtoWhite is distributed in the UK and Ireland by Photonic Solutions.